FREE Zone File Research is available!

With an intention to cover all Domaining tools that are required popularly and frequently, we have launched Zone File Analyzer tool with cool options and it’s completely FREE!

The main purpose of zone file research is to find similar domains that might uncover potential end-users or check the value of words combination by looking into the number of similar registered domains of the entry words. Until now this job can be done by several services such as, so what’s new?

Well, here in TopNames we believe that a tool cannot be really useful unless it fulfills the required job perfectly. Now you can crawl the results using Domain Crawler tool with a single click and limit does not apply to queries! You get up to 500 domains and can check which one is developed and go through it instantly.

TopNames DN Crawler + Zfbot = LeadRefs

Most of Domainers are know, the service that was generate a list of potential end-users by matching the entry domain against TLDs zone file and extract all similar domains, but the problem with LeadRefs results was actually the type of those potential end-users, it couldn’t detect which domain is developed and which one is not. Anyway, LeadRefs has shutdown several months ago and people who were using that service are probably convert to Zfbot which do a similar job but for another purpose.

Now with Zfbot the problem isn’t different, it also show you the results based on your entry keywords without much details about the domain status. And here when the Domain Crawler tool is come.

With domain crawler tool which presented by, you can crawl domains in bulk and check the status of each one in a sortable table. This tool is cover most domain statuses (Active, Parked, Blog, Forum, Redirected, Adsense, For Sale, Disabled, etc).

In this article we want to benefit from Zfbot results and convert them into a list of useful potential end-users using the Domain Crawler tool.

In just 3 steps we get the job done:

1- Go to and enter your domain keyword by filling “Start With” or “End With” field or both (it depends on your domain name). E.g: if your domain is, enter “Pet’ in start with and “Supplies” in end with then click Search.

2- Export the results and copy the whole content, no need to sort or filter anything.

3- Go to Domain Crawler page and paste the content then click “Light Check”. All domains will be parsed automatically.

Now your potential end-users list is ready, simply sort the table and get all “Active” websites on the top.

UPDATE: Now after launching Zone File Analyzer tool, the title should be Zone File Analyzer = :-)

TopNames Features & Tools Review!

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have finally finished our beta mode and now TopNames service is officially launched!

There are plenty of tools and features that are presented by TopNames and you will enjoy explored it:-

Daily Default Newsletter: 

We’ve done the hard job for you and categorized all possible valuable drops into specific categories with quick customization for extensions, drops feed, taken TLDs and domain length. Simply select the categories that you might be interested in and receive a daily newsletter with private access to all your domain drops.

Top Patterns

Top Category

Top Metrics

Top Mode

Daily Drop Lists

Top Leads:

This is a very unique classification in the domain industry, where the valuable domain is recognized based on its potential sale opportunity, including looking into other extensions taken and checking if there is at least one developed website who may need to combine this domain into his business.

Each expiring domain is listed with its potential end-user with full stats including (Website Screenshot).

Top Leads C

Top Leads1 Top Leads Details Top Leads2

Custom Newsletter:

The invaluable gems are not always visible to the eyes and this is the custom newsletter job.

With a smart / sensitive customization panel you are able to define your criteria and make a complex combination between them in order to get a specific type of domain drops. There are around 70 options to choose from including (Patterns, Special Categories, Dictionary Words, DN Stats, KW Stats, Wide excluding options and more).

Updating your pre customized lists is just require a few clicks.

Custom Panel1Custom Panel2

Domain Record:

The history of domain and the availability of other TLDs are one of the most important factors to look at when buying a new domain name. Quickly, check in bulk up to 1000 domains at a time and get the wayback year, records, DMOZ listed and the availability status for 6 TLDs.

Directly copy-paste any text from web page or Office™ file and the domains will be parsed and listed automatically. This is true for all our text areas.

Domain Record

Domain Crawler:

TopNames is proud to declare that it has invented this tool depending on its own potential, to help Domainers to quickly check in bulk the domain status (Active, Parked, For Sale, Blog, AdSense, Forum, Redirected, Disabled, Empty, etc). The tool is also able to detect 50+ languages for non-disabled websites.

There are unlimited ways to benefit from this tool. For instance you can quickly submit your domain and crawl 25+ of other TLDs & ccTLDs to check what kind of competitors you have on this domain especially if you are planning to develop it.

Domain CrawlingDomain Crawler Results

Domain Parsing:

Looking at a separated words is more comfortable to the eyes than looking at a domain especially with big lists. Not only that, domain parsing is a tool that providing a ton of stats with easy sorting including (Parsed words, Language, Dictionary words, Keyword category like {US Geo Place, EU Geo Place, Product, Personal Name, Wiki, etc}, Pattern like {CVCV, VCVC, CVCY, CVCVC, VCVCV, CVCOO, etc}, US Search Volume, CPC, Competition and more).

Domain Parsing

End-User Finder:

No secret that finding a buyer for the domain name is a hard and painful job in addition of time-consuming. There are several methods to find a buyer for your domain and DN bloggers have written plenty of articles & tips about how to find potential end users but the most popular method is using search engines, the more you get deep the more leads you find but how much time you need for checking the first 200 results of Google and Bing?? and how many hours you are willing to dedicate each single day for this job if you are a domain flipper?? is 5 hours ok for you?!

Well, End-User Finder tool has resolved this issue. Now you can get unlimited reports whenever you want, the process can take up to 3 min (usually 2) and all data are fresh. Furthermore, each potential buyer is listed with its meta info, search engine position, whois details and the most important domain stats.

End-User Report1 End-User Report2

Domaining Guide:

Domaining industry is attractive, everyday someone new joins to the game and most are just don’t have enough knowledge about it. This guide is set to be a simple entry to the industry since it is collecting the most important articles from famous domain blogs and classify them according to Domaining fields.

Domaining Guide

Domaining Guide

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